This Pair of Underwear Will Protect Your Junk From Your Smartphone’s Radiation

They’re made of pure silver, too.

Paranoia is real. Some of it’s warranted and some of it isn’t. Global warming? Arguably warranted. Radiation emanating from your phone? Probably not. But just in case you’re worried about a daily dose of radiation from your electronic gadgets, science wants to protect you. 

So obviously for this to work, you can’t be one of those guys who enjoys going commando, but if you’re OK with swaddling your undercarriage in silver laced fabric, you’re in luck. British scientist Joseph Perkins founded Wireless Armour, a company that uses their unique RadiaTex® fabric to protect your little swimmers. The fabric includes a mesh of pure silver woven into the fabric which creates a shield against electromagnetic radiation so any concerns you had about the size of your cajones being affected by your iPhone 6 Plus can be adequately squashed.

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Half afraid? Only cover up the front with the 180 range which includes the silver across the front of your boxer briefs. Fully afraid? Go the whole 360! And it’s sure to be worth it: the company claims to shield against 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation emitted from everything – from tablets and phones to laptops.

The company has only just launched, but we’re sure everyone will sleep a little better knowing their virility can be protected by their underwear.