Unleash Your Inner Jedi With This Yoda-Approved ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Collection

Look sharp, you will.


(Photo: Rag & Bone)

Rag & Bone, the New York-based high fashion label whose name sounds like it might be inappropriate, has done something out of this world.

Rather than dropping its usual seasonal lineup of chunky sweaters, oversized T-shirts and purposefully distressed jeans, Rag & Bone is unveiling a Star Wars capsule collection on December 1, ahead of the release of The Last Jedi.

(Photo: Rag & Bone)

Rather than the fleece and velvet costumes kids buy at Party City, this stuff is actually quite stylish, sensible and impeccably made.

(Photo: Rag & Bone)

It’s all kept in more faded colors, in keeping with both those of the brand and the color palettes of the original films, and the Star Wars references are sparse, meaning they aren’t really costumes. 

(Photo: Rag & Bone)

The geometrical construction of the hoodies and jackets may call to mind jedis and siths, but you can wear them with any outfit without looking like you just stumbled out of a Star Wars convention.


Rag & Bone Founder and Creative Director Marcus Wainwright found inspiration in the military references and functional details of the original Star Wars costumes, aspects shared with his brand.

“Our approach was really to re-imagine some of our favorite rag & bone pieces while taking influence from some of our most memorable moments of past and present Star Wars films,” Wainwright said in a statement.

Learn more about his process making this galactic collection, above.

You can shop the collection on rag-bone.com and shopdisney.com when it hits shelves on December 1.

h/t: Esquire