Ray-Ban Gets Shady With Two 1970s-Style Sunglasses Reissues

Groovy, man.

ray-bans vagabond stateside

Sunglasses brands are seemingly always looting their own style archives to find inspiration for new drops of throwback shades. Ray-Ban is the latest to employ that tactic with a new re-issue of its groovy 1970s models, Vagabond and State Side. 


These vintage-inspired sunnies feature tri-injected frames, original Havana Acetate and Ambermatic yellow lenses, and are practically dripping with louche, free-wheeling 1970s vibes. 


The Vagabond stays true to Ray-Ban’s roots with a classic Aviator shape, while the State Side has a more squared-off look. 

Both shades are available for a limited time only at select Ray-Ban stores, Ray-Ban.com, and Ray-Ban’s Instagram Shop, so better snap them up now if you’re interested.