These Luxury Watches Are Made From Vintage Ford Mustangs

The P-51 Collection from REC is a gearhead’s dream.


Watchmakers are finding fresh inspiration everywhere—the skies, the sea and, in the case of Danish brand REC Watches, the road.

The green-minded brand, which builds ticking timepieces from recycled vintage car parts, just dropped a new line of watches made from scrapped Mustangs


It’s called the P-51 Collection, a nod to the WWII long-range fighter-bomber that inspired the original Mustang car.

The P-51-01: $1,495

(Photo: REC Watches)

The 48 mm dials are made from Mustang sheetmetal. You’ll know they’re the genuine article because REC has left behind the old VIN numbers.

REC took some liberties with the rest: they’ve got a Miyota automatic movement, a 24-mm calf leather strap, and water resistance to 1,000 feet.

The P-51-02: 1,495

(Photo: REC Watches)

Watches in the P-51 collection start at $1,495. 

REC also has watches made from old Porsche 911s and Mini Coopers. Head over to for all your racey wrist needs.

The P-51-03: $1,495

(Photo: REC Watches)

h/t autoblog