Reebok Pledges With New Red Solo Cup-Inspired Sneakers

This is how to look stylish while running away from cops trying to cite you for being a minor in possession.

Reebok has taken the idea that cross trainers are supposed to be perfect for every activity (Bo Knows horse racing!) to the logical extreme, collaborating with the Atlanta sneaker hub Wish to create the “Solo Cup” Beer Pong shoe. These shiny sneaks draw their design inspiration from the cheap plastic cups full of cheap watery beer that Americans traditionally spend their college years dropping on consumer electronics, leaving in the bedrooms of women they’ve just met, and attempting to fill with ping pong balls from a long way off. Do you need great sneakers to play Beer Pong? Nope. But you don’t need to talk about your opponents mother in such a disrespectful manner either and that never stopped you. Fully expect the brothers of Emory’s Sigma Chi to make a run on these – past editions have flown off the shelves – so pick them up quickly if you want them. Don’t worry, you’ve still got time to hit that last shot. [$150;]