The Reebok Ventilator Brings Back the Nineties in a Good Way

Old-school sneakers, minus the smell.

As pervasive as it is in America’s cities and ‘burbs, neither running nor its evolutionary forebear, jogging, have always been the go-to fitness option. In 1990, when Reebok released the original Ventilator, there was an erg in every basement, a bench in every garage, and a lot of worn of Chucks. A quarter century later, jogging is an American pastimes and Ventilators are no longer considered technical gear. To celebrate that transition, Reebok is releasing a new Ventilator in original colors: chalk, grey, and black. With the same arch-bridge exoskeleton and midsole vents that gave it its name, the OG Ventilator keeps its functionality, and the vintage colors. Plus, some wise spending on Reebok’s part means that Kendrick Lamar is on-board (and in Ventilator OGs) as a brand ambassador, which means demand is about to spike. Time to run out and grab a pair. [$109;]

Photos by Reebok