Reebok’s New Bee-Inspired Sneakers Aren’t Disappearing

These may be the single best insect-inspired shoes on the market right now.

Yes, the headline of this story was a joke about Colony Collapse Disorder, which may lead to ecological devastation worldwide and the fundamental restructuring of the relationship between flora and fauna. Don’t let that dissuade you from taking a long look at the new collaboration from Reebok and Sneakersnstuff, the inelegantly named but otherwise terrific Stockholm embassy for American sneaker culture. The “Bees and Honey” kicks are black with gold details, including a honeycomb design on the tongue, and a sort of complicated, Giger-esque overlay that brings to mind a hyper-evolved thorax. The image of the bee on the back of the show is a clincher, but the major takeaway here is that floating like a butterfly isn’t cool any more. Wear black and sting. People remember that. [$109;]