Reebok’s Street Meats Are Savory

Next up: Hot Trash Air Jordans

It’s a given these days that people want their products to reflect their tastes. If your tastes run toward toward brand names and expensive meals, more power to you. But sometimes you want to scavenge. That’s the thought behind the latest collaboration between Reebok and New York’s Extra Butter sneaker shop: Street Meat. The shoes honor the city’s best sidewalk cooking because why shouldn’t you put your feet where your mouth is (something you’re probably doing anyway)?  With patches of overcooked lamb-grey, tahini-beige and cheddar-orange, the tribute to Halal is delightfully true to concept, a bit of artistic integrity in an industry that likes to design first, name later. We were never the types for Apple Bottom jeans, but this cheesy food/fashion combo is one we’re definitely looking forward to biting into. Get a greasy taste of what’s to come with Extra Butter’s odd trailer, below. [price TBD; available soon at Extra Butter stores]


Photos by Reebok