Ride Out the Apocalypse In This Missile Silo Turned Prepper Bunker

The former nuclear missile silo turned underground condo complex offers the ultimate safe retreat for well-heeled survivalists.

The Survival Condo during refitting for residential living.

There likely never was an ancient Chinese curse that said “may you live in interesting times.” But thanks to the coronavirus it’s easy to understand exactly why such a saying sounds like condemnation. It’s also easy to see why there might be a market for a Cold War-era Atlas Missile silo that’s been converted into a luxury complex like the Survival Condo.

The Survival Condo complex offers an opportunity for anyone rich and powerful enough to establish a getaway to wait things out in an apocalypse-proof bunker that’s not just some utilitarian hole in the ground.

As it was designed to survive predictable disasters like the massive twisters that rake its rural Kansas location every spring in addition to nuclear warheads, the Survival Condo has the construction specs of a military-use fallout shelter: It extends 200 feet underground and its reinforced concrete walls are nine feet thick.

If the worst happens and you find yourself sprinting across the Kansas countryside 200 miles from Kansas City with hungry zombies at your heels, however, this isn’t the place for you, sorry to say. The exact location is a secret and the facility is under guard, 24/7. 

And yes, it is an expensive place to hide. 

Units in the complex start at $1 million in addition to $2,500 in monthly dues that cover necessities like power, water, and internet access—as well as a flourishing Aquaponic farm facility.

But let’s face it: If you have the means, won’t you pay whatever you can to protect yourself and the ones you love when it all goes down for good—or at least for a few decades?

From the Details page for the Survival Condo, here are the specs on what you get if you ride out the end of civilization as we know it under the Kansas plain. 

Check out the video and the photo gallery above to get a look inside:

Shared Facility Features

  • Elevator & Stairwell Access throughout the facility.
  • Over 20,000 square foot of floor space in the monolithic dome.
  • Redundant electric sources.
  • Redundant water supply with minimum of 75,000 gallon reserve tanks.
  • Redundant air filtration including Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) filtration.
  • Organic hydroponic and aquaculture food production.
  • General Store.
  • Indoor Pool & Spa, and a complete workout facility.
  • Custom theater.
  • Custom Bar & Lounge.
  • Library & Classroom.
  • Command & Control Center.
  • Medical First Aid Center.
  • Communication Center complete with on-site Internet subset access.
  • Digital weather station.

Luxury Condo Features

  • Full-Floor layout is approximately 1,820 square feet of living space.
  • Half-Floor layout is approximately 900 square feet of living space.
  • Maximum occupancy for full & half floor layouts are 10 and 5 respectively.
  • Full kitchens with High-end stainless appliances.
  • Full Spectrum LED lighting throughout.
  • Kohler fixtures throughout.
  • 50-inch LED TV and home automation system with remote off-site access.
  • Biometric Keyless access.
  • Each unit is fully furnished and professionally decorated.
  • Each unit comes with a five-year food reserve per person.
  • Washer and dryer in each unit.

Learn much more and inquire about getting your own by clicking here: SurvivalCondo.com.