Rimowa x Moncler Launch ‘Reflection’ Luxury Luggage Line

Set your suitcase apart with custom messages on a built-in LED ticker.


With their new “Reflection,” collaboration, Rimowa and Moncler kick the tech-assisted travel game up a notch. The luggage line has been named for its gleaming, all-aluminum surface, but the design is about much more than mere durability. It’s potentially a social-media friendly exercise in personal branding and communication.

The polished aluminum suitcase with its contrasting black handles, frame, locks and riveted corners is eye-catching enough, but there’s also an easily-removable LED screen you can embed on the front that can display short messages. 


It might look like an old-school stock market ticker but it’s really intended to acknowledge displays seen in airports around the world–as well as the short-form nature of social media communication. (Yeah, think Twitter.)

In a release, Rimowa notes that the way we express ourselves online had a lot to do with the ticker idea. “Reflection,” they say, “translates this digital experience into the physical world with hyper-personalized luggage that can express its owners every mood.”

The ticker works via a “Reflection” app and users can easily update whatever they want to say on the screen. Maybe avoid jokes like “No need to search this, no drugs here,” though.  


The “Reflection” luggage line will soon be available at Rimowa stores around the world. Each suitcase comes with a silver set of packing cubes and bright yellow tags. Consumers can further personalize their cases with stickers, making for a unique statement that’s also very easy to spot at baggage claim.

According to Hypebeast, we can expect “Moncler and RIMOWA’s ‘REFLECTION’ suitcase to launch in June 2020 by way of limited quantities at global boutiques and RIMOWA’s website.”