Supreme Just Dropped the Coolest Luggage on Wheels, If That’s How You Roll

Would you pay $1,800 for one of these ultra-hyped roller suitcases?


When you’ve got to hit Miami for your latest art show, Berlin for that big DJ gig and then  L.A. for that “Instagram influencer” meeting with corporate sponsors, there’s really only one suitcase for the job.

Rimowa, the German brand known for its heavy-duty luggage, just teamed with perennially hip fashion brand Supreme for a line of buzzed-about rolling suitcases that have streetwear enthusiasts hyped A.F. 

Though it has been around for 25 years, the iconic Supreme logo has recently become the highest currency for streetwear obsessives. That familiar font has been slapped on everything from supercars to limited-edition collaborations with Nike and The North Face.

Basically, anything the Supreme logo touches, people gotta “cop.” So expect this most recent Rimowa collaboration to be no different.

There are red and black options of its Topas Multiwheel suitcases in two sizes: a carry-on 45L size and a larger, check-in 82L size. They are made of aluminum and feature TSA combination locks. As we said, Rimowa is known for heavy-duty luggage.

Even though the brand is usually costly, the prices on these bad boys may give even the most passionate Supreme devotees sticker shock. When they drop on April 14th, the carry-on option, usually $700, will go for $1,600 while the larger option, typically $1,000, will got for $1,800.

What’s more, the carry-on option is definitely too big for most overhead bins (and don’t even try to drag this thing into Coach.) But hey, practicality really isn’t the priority for Supreme, who literally once put its logo on a brick and charged $30 for it.

Still, neither of those is as bad as the Supreme-branded Louis Vuitton trunks, which went for as much as $57,000.