Luxury Designer Revolutionizes Watchmaking With All-Carbon Excalibur Spider

It’s the first timepiece from Roger Dubuis to offer all-carbon construction.

Roger Dubuis

Watchmaker Roger Dubuis has updated his already-striking Excalibur collection with one of the most innovative luxury timepieces to come from any designer in years: the Excalibur Spider Carbon³.

Dubuis took on a challenge with this remarkable watch in creating it entirely from carbon. The end result is an exciting blend of art and up-to-date technology unlike just about anything out there.

Roger Dubuis

The Excalibur Spider Carbon³ is crafted from multiple layers of carbon for added strength and durability, but due to the incredibly lightweight nature of the material, the watch weighs a mere 81 grams—for comparison, a Rolex Daytona can weight as little as 150 grams. 

That means that Dubuis has developed a luxury timepiece that is as comfortable as it is innovative and elegant.

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The Spider Carbon³’s construction is innovative enough, but Dubuis couldn’t stop there. He’s added a skeleton flying tourbillon to emphasize the sophistication of the engineering. It’s easily visible inside its carbon cage and the overall effect can be like looking at a clockwork invented by a craftsman from long-ago Switzerland using the most up-to-date 21st Century materials available.

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Dubuis isn’t trying to mass-produce wonder here: this is a boutique exclusive and just 28 pieces will be available to buyers around the world. 

Those who can swing it will find themselves owners of a hand-wound mechanical calibre with a generous 90-hour power reserve. It’s good-sized, with a 45 mm case, and water resistant to 50 meters. 

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The Excalibur Spider Carbon³ comes with an assembled multi-layer carbon bracelet and an additional strap sporting a black rubber base with red stitching and white RubberTech inlay.

Roger Dubuis designs can run from $10,000 up to the hundreds of thousands. To purchase one of these poinçon de genève certified masterpieces you’ll need to book an appointment