Roger Dubuis Reveals ‘Hyperwatch’ Inspired by New Lamborghini Hypercar

It’s a horological tribute to the most powerful V12-propelled Raging Bull ever.

Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis is capitalizing on the reveal of Lamborghini’s track-only Essenza SCV12 hypercar with an accompanying “hyperwatch.” 

The Swiss watchmaker has already made Excalibur models dedicated to the Huracán Spyder, Huracán Performante, and Aventador S. The new Excalibur Essenza SCV12 is an evolution of the Excalibur Aventador S that channels its namesake with a design that’s stripped down to “enhance” the performance of its exclusive Duotor RD630 movement. 


Roger Dubuis reworked the barrel, i.e. the cylindrical piece surrounded by a ring of gear teeth, to look like the rims of the SCV12. The two sprung balances inclined at 45 degrees, strut bars, a power reserve with racing codes and Alcantara strap are carried over from past Lambo-inspired Excaliburs. Complete with a green and gray color scheme, it’s a fitting tribute to the latest limited-edition Raging Bull, of which only 40 will be produced. 

The Essenza SCV12 hypercar boasts Sant’Agata Bolognese’s most powerful V12 ever. A peak 830 horsepower is handled by a new X-trac sequential six-speed transmission, which serves double-duty as a structural support within the chassis. The exhaust pipes were designed by Capristo to reduce the back pressure, improving performance and emphasizing the engine’s growl.


The front hood has the same double air intake with a central rib found on Huracán racing cars, while the nose features a splitter and two flows for engine and gearbox cooling. A large adjustable double-profile rear wing completes the aerodynamic package. 

The Essenza SCV12’s most unique feature might be that you can’t haul it home. The cars will be kept at a dedicated hangar in Sant’Agata inside of a personalized garage space that’s surveilled 24/7 by webcams, allowing their owners check in at any time. The Drive reports that Lamborghini will hold a series of events at race tracks around the world in 2021. 


Details on pricing and availability haven’t been released for the car or the watch, but you can register interest in the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Essenza SCV12 here