Rolex as Racing Stripe

British watch garage Project X has suped up the Daytona with a race-day paint job.

Car collectors may lose control of the wheel over Project X’s new limited edition Rolex Daytonas. The UK-based watch customizer, whose unique timepieces are favored by the likes of Kanye West and Daniel Craig, has come out with a trio of Daytona designs paying tribute to automotive legends. The Daytona, a driver’s chronograph produced by Rolex since 1963 and made famous by Paul Newman, is a fitting canvas for the new collection; Project X’s last series of customized Daytonas in 2010 sold out immediately. 

Priced at £14,950 each, or about $24,000, the watches are finished in brushed & polished steel with carbon black bezels and a choice of three custom colored dials: Bugatti Blue, British Racing Green – the signature color of motoring icons from Jaguar and Aston Martin – and GTO Red, made famous by Ferrari and Maserati. What’s more each piece comes with two interchangeable case backs, the original engraved with the model’s unique serial number and a second custom sapphire case back revealing the watches inner workings. 

Only 24 examples of each model will be made, available via select retailers and the Project X website. Gentlemen, start your engines.