Running Shoes with Serious Sole

The Hoka One One Conquest is unapologetically chunky because asphalt is unrelentingly hard. Meet the muscular city runner.

They may look like something the Stay Puft marshmallow man wears when he’s on the treadmill, but the Hoka One One Conquests, part of the new trend of fat-soled running shoes, are built to help your body handle the continued stress of stomping the pavement. A direct contradiction to the minimalist running trend, the Conquest puts 29 millimeters of cushioning underneath your heel and 25mm underneath your forefoot. The high-volume, soft-density EVA midsole is lightweight (the shoes only weigh 12oz), and provides a soft, smooth ride on long runs. The fat midsoles absorb the shock that your knees would have to take with lesser shoes — especially when you hit a downhill. The curved heel and toe reduce shock further by enabling a rolling gait, and the deep footbed rolls up and cradles your foot for a stable running platform. [$170;]