The Russian Roulette Watch

Looks good on everyone not named Christopher Walken.

It could be argued that Yvan Arpa, the founder of ArtyA watches and the only haute horologist with a background in Thai martial arts, has returned to his Southeast Asian glory days with his latest alpha-male timepiece. The “Russian Roulette” pays tribute to the high-stakes game of Wheel of Fortune that ended so badly for Vietnam vet Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter. The watch features a real bullet cartridge (Magnum 44, Desert Eagle, P38…) stuck in the barrel of a six shooter, which spins as the watch moves. It’s an effective way of saying, “Don’t assume my punctuality means I’m risk averse.” The Swiss brand only made 99 of the pieces, which means that anyone lucky enough to get one is unlikely to ever see someone else sporting the look. If that does happen, it’ll probably be in a Hanoi den and they’ll be too focussed on the next spin to worry about a style faux pas. [$8,800;]