Ryan Gosling’s Ken Wears These 3 Tag Heuer Watches In ‘Barbie’

This trio of Tags is Big Tick “Ken-ergy.”

(Ryan Gosling in “Barbie”/Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Ryan Gosling is the face of Tag Heuer at the moment, and it turns out that his character Ken in the blockbuster fantasy comedy Barbie also has a distinct enthusiasm for watches from the famed horologist.

In the runaway box office success, Gosling dons not one, not two but three Tag Heuer watches as Ken—all at the same time.

(Tag Heuer)

Each of the timepieces sported by Ken were selected “to accentuate his bold persona.” At one point in the film (minor spoiler), Ken shows off his new watches to Barbie, “proudly sharing his newfound possession of both time and style,” Tag Heuer said.

(Tag Heuer)

The trio includes the Tag Heuer Carrera original reference 1158 CHN from 1971, outfitted with a solid 18-karat gold bracelet.

(Tag Heuer)

Gosling’s Ken also wears the barrel-shaped case of the 1974 reference 110.515, while the handsome and truly timeless Carrera reference 2448 NT rounds out the trio in fine fashion.

And in the shift from Barbie Land to the real world in the film, these watches play an important role, symbolizing “the shift from the fantastical Barbie universe to the tangible real world, where the concept of time holds significant importance.”

(Tag Heuer)

For matters of such importance, Tag Heuer is clearly the watch brand wear for maximum Ken-ergy (and for plenty of watch enthusiasts everywhere).