Salvatore Ferragamo Wants You to Design Its Latest Driving Shoe

The venerable Italian design house is letting customers decide exactly how their moccasins should look.

It’s the dream of a particularly stylish, hands-on guy: Salvatore Ferragamo is giving customers access to its cache of exotic leathers, metal hardwear, and soft soles so that mere mortals might design their perfect pair of MTO (made to order) shoes. The possibilities are near endless. A Ferragamo driving shoe of ultramarine ostrich leather, cherry soles and metallic blue Gancio hardwear? Ferragamo’s artisans might not have made such a choice, but it’s no longer exclusively theirs to make.

While the looks may me radical, customers who engage in the new MTO program will be getting the same, famed construction of all other Ferragamo moccasins: a flush, “invisible” sole, tubular undergirding (for years of pedal stomping) and beautifully wrought metal pieces inspired by the wrought iron gate at the company’s glorious Palazzo Spini Feroni. And, thankfully, the actual construction of the shoe you create will undertaken by Ferragamo’s professionals in Italy. (DIY has its limits.)

With great sartorial power comes aesthetic responsibility—use a light touch with the Flame Red crocodile leather, won’t you? [online at]

Photos by Ferragamo