‘Sandee’ Is the Internet Beach Database You Never Knew You Needed

It’s always beach day somewhere.

(Photo: Getty)

Fall approaches, but there’s still plenty of summer left. That means somewhere there’s probably a beach just waiting for your footprints. If you’re feeling at a loss as to where to go, though, well–there’s an app (or site) for that.

Inside Hook has helpfully introduced us to “Sandee,” which they describe as a “fledgling site” in “soft launch mode” that has collected and organized info on up to 50,000 beaches around the world.

woman at beach
Beaches are awesome

Here’s more from IH:

Thanks to a team of freelance photographers, most entries on Sandee are accompanied by unusually helpful photographs, which, much like deciding to visit a restaurant or book an Airbnb, are a pretty on-point line of internet defense.

But beyond the pictures, the beach entries include a laundry list of helpful information, including: public or private status, hours of operation, cell reception, water quality, sand color and texture, length, the day’s weather, amenities offered (bathrooms, food vendors, showers) and activities allowed (fishing, surfing, parasailing, you get it).

Since the site isn’t truly launched yet, it isn’t necessarily complete. But we can’t think of a similar service like it, so it looks like the folks behind Sandee are already ahead of the game. 

And there are plenty of beaches to go around, so it looks like it might be time to start planning next summer’s travel itinerary as well.