This Underwear Company Claims Their Styles Are “Life Changing”

So we decided to take a pair for a spin.

If you ask Canadian-based underwear brand Saxx, their underwear is “life changing.” Their words, not ours. But it’s clear they must be doing something right—they just managed to get three-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist Kevin Love as an ambassador. Nice stuff. But all of that is just talk.

Apparently, founder Trent Kitsch was just a regular guy who was on an Alaskan fishing trip when he found himself fed up with whatever crappy underwear he was wearing at the time. It’s likely he was running into the BLS (that’s Ball stuck to Leg Syndrome, for those of you who don’t know) and decided to put an end to that. Enter Saxx.

The thing that sets Saxx apart from other underwear is simple: a mesh panel fits on either side of the boys to slightly hold them in place, away from  your sweaty thighs. It’s a noble task, but like we said, that’s all just talk.

When we finally met the team behind the brand, we grabbed a pair to put it to the test. In fact, we grabbed the limited edition boxer (warning, the term boxer is a little facetious for how they fit) they recently launched — with a portion of proceeds going to Movember. And after taking them for a spin around the city, they are pretty damn good. You should note: if you’re not down with a pattern that puts mustaches so close to your nether regions, this review is applicable to any pair in the brand’s Vibe line.

Life changing is a high mark to hit. To be honest, what would make underwear life changing? Being laced with an irresistible pheromone that attracts the ladies? Yeah, that’s life changing.  While these aren’t quite that, the comfort level is grade-A and the fabric holds up throughout the evening. When you finally pull them off and it’s show time, everything is still sitting where it’s supposed to be. 

So no, it’s not a pheromone, but everyone knows women love a well stuffed basket.