Seek One Is A Rising Artist Who Blends Street Style and Pop Art

Celebrities are collecting his poppy paintings–a blend of “iconic figures, vintage media and street style.”

Jane Birkin _ 48x60
Seek One

The Philadelphia artist known as Seek One has been garnering attention as more celebrities snap up his pop art-meets-street art paintings. His famous fans include rapper Quavo from Migos, actress Kaley Cuoco, NBA stars Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons, and Instagram influencer Jonathan “Food God” Cheban. A former graffiti artist, Seek One renders old-school cultural icons like David Bowie, Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger and Muhammad Ali into playfully abstract pop creations that straddle the edge of fame and luxury.

“As a contemporary artist, I aim to develop one of one pieces of fine art that bring iconic figures, vintage media and street style into one,” Seek One says via email. “My work stems from my background as a graffiti street artist and photographer while also depicting nostalgic influences from my childhood and world travels…Blurring the lines between urban culture and fine art has established my unique style of art bringing iconic images and street style together.”

Here’s a sampling of Seek One’s work, from Bowie to Bardot and beyond.  

David Bowie
Brigitte Bardot
Muhammad Ali
Kate Moss
“Filtered Gucci”
Mick Jagger
Brigitte Bardot
Jimi Hendrix
“Angels and the City”
Bianca Balti
Bruce Springsteen
Luma Grothe

For more on Seek One, check out his website and Instagram.