Seiko Gets Dark With 3 ‘Black Series’ Watches

Take one of these limited edition dive watches on your next ocean adventure.

SEIKO PROSPEX Black Series Limited Edition   Seiko Watch Corporation

Seiko again beefs up the Prospex line with three new all-black limited edition dive watches, seen from left to right in the image above: the SPB125J1 “Sumo,” SLA035J1, and the SSC761J1. 

The watchmaker describes these models as—collectively—a “culmination of Seiko’s developments in watchmaking technology.” Take the SLA035J1, for example. It comes in a black case with red accents and has been designed with 300 meters of water resistance.


Seiko takes the needs of divers seriously—those red accents are practical features geared toward assisting the wearer in deep water. Red light, according to Seiko, is barely visible at serious depths and to avoid issues like the “bends,” divers need to be able to instantly mark the watch face and track the passing seconds. 


The tough SPB125J1 is stainless steel with matte black coating and its powerhouse design has led to users nicknaming it “SUMO.” It, too, is designed for maximum readability with the orange hand and green Lumibrite coating to ensure legibility in the dark. 

The SPB125J1 has a screw-down crown to maintain watch safety and case integrity and is resistant to 200 meters.


The SSC761J1 has a similar feature set to the Sumo, with the same 200 meters of water resistance and Lumibrite coating. It also has subdials featuring a 4-hour hand, 60-minute chronograph, and date display. 

The “Black Series” Prospex watches will be in limited supply. The SPB125J1 is a limited run of 7,000 models, the SSC761J1 a run of 3,500 and just 600 of the SLA035J1 will be sold.

Models SSC761J1 and SPB125J1 will be available as of February 2020 and the SLA035J1 will be out a month later, in March. 

Exact prices aren’t available yet but the current Prospex line ranges from $295 up to $795.