Seiko Puts The Pedal To The Metal With Auto-Inspired Prospex Speedtimer Trio

A timepiece triple-threat that’s built for the open road.


The Seiko Prospex line has cut its teeth as an adventure-minded watch in a number of editions, with functionality top of mind, be it scaling peaks or hugging hairpin turns.

The latest Seiko Prospex Speedtimer trio hits the mark on that last sentiment: Three new timepieces join the Japanese horology master’s lineup, with the bells and whistles to go just about anywhere.


Each is packed with specifications that would make any autosport enthusiast proud, like the perforated black leather strap on the Seiko SSC943 (a nod to throwback racing chronographs).

And yet, touches like a 1/5-second chronograph (up to 50 minutes) also deliver precise performance.

And those touches also nod to the 55th anniversary of the Seiko Speedtimer, the world’s first automatic chronograph watch at the time of its release.


The Speedtimer’s chronograph functionality (at least, the original Speedtimer of five decades back) had a serious racing pedigree, one that Seiko continues to celebrate with this bold new trio.


Two stainless steel strap options complete the offering, nicely complementing a sleek 41.4mm diameter case (the case size remains the same throughout the trifecta).

The SSC941 incorporates midnight blue chronograph dials, with gold-plated accents, and its “Circuit Race” moniker is apt given its speedy, streamlined design.


The Seiko SSC939, on the other hand, mimics those same ingenious touches, like a triple chronograph design with contrasting dials (note the “E” and “F” indicators on the 6-o’clock subdial).

A V192 caliber movement, powered by solar, takes center stage (or rather, powers each watch from behind the scenes).

This new trio, with its sporty racing roots and enviable array of stylish touches and performance features, is yours for the taking starting next month at Seiko.