Sexy Green Poop Is Now a Halloween Costume, Thanks to the Black-Bunned Whopper

This sh*t is crazy. 

This might be the crappiest couple’s costume ever. 

Not only can you dress up as Burger King’s black-bunned Halloween Whopper, now you can bring “Sexy Green Poop” as your date. 

The green poop get-up refers to what happens after you eat the Halloween Whopper—which inevitably results in an emerald-hued happening that I can personally attest to. So many alarmed Burger King customers endured similar experiences that  #GreenPoop  even trended on Twitter.  

If you want to look like green crap, you better get crafty: the poop costume does not come ready-to-wear. You have to build it by following these  D.I.Y. instructions on

The “Sexy Green Poop”-attired partygoer should probably roll with a Halloween Whopper and/or the insanely creepy Burger King mascot, unless she wants to be asked if she’s Peter Pan all night. 

The festive green ensemble appears to have at least temporarily seized the spotlight from such other viral faves as “Sexy Pizza Rat” and “Sexy Cecil The Lion.”  But then, we’ve still got 19 days to go.