Elevate Your Scent Game With Essential Colognes for Cold Weather

Search for fragrances that bottle the season’s best pursuits.

(Left: Guy Fox, Middle: Parfums de Marly, Right: Scotch Porter)

Dressing in seasonal style requires careful thought and consideration, as does your grooming routine. The scent you wear for fall and winter should be different than the scent you wear in the lighter, warmer spring and summer months, not unlike trading a linen suit for houndstooth tailoring, or swapping a refreshing gin and tonic for a dram of whiskey. 

Embrace rich, woodsy, deep scents that call to mind crisp leaves underfoot, the pleasant roar of a crackling fire and a seasonal getaway to a quiet locale. These are among the most essential colognes to wear this season, without fail.

Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal 

(Atelier Cologne)

Atelier Cologne uses a true artisanal approach and a stunning array of raw materials to craft its highly coveted, ingenious scents. In this case, that involves using vetiver from Haiti, cedarwood from the States and orange flower from Tunisia to deliver a scent that falls nicely in line with Atelier’s “Fresh Woods” collection. It’s a refreshing way to welcome the colder months. Starting at $80

C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum Cologne 

(C.O. Bigelow)

Just as you switch out your bar cart rotation from a lighter, crisp gin to dark spirits like rum and whiskey as the thermostat drops lower and lower, consider doing the same thing with the scent you wear. Described as “warm and exotic,” this distinctive scent is an easy addition to your everyday grooming rotation. $39

Scotch Porter Glenwood Fragrance

(Scotch Porter)

Perhaps your grooming routine is packed with smartly made shaving essentials from Scotch Porter, but the brand’s rugged-yet-versatile Glenwood Fragrance is worth a look, too. According to the brand, “woody green accords” blend nicely with sandalwood and a smoky cedar reminiscent of a bonfire on a crisp night. $70

Parfums de Marly Carlisle 

(Parfums de Marly)

Invest in nothing but the very best with this handsome scent, with notes of green apple mingling with sandalwood and vanilla. It’s like your favorite crisp day. As the brand says, this scent is “sunny and radiant.” $370

Air Company Air Eau de Parfum

(Air Company)

Air Company’s journey has led them to develop the world’s first fragrance made from air. Yes, that’s right. This carbon-negative fragrance, available for pre-order now, is made by capturing CO2, which is then blended with hydrogen in a Carbon Conversion Reactor (eventually creating impurity-free ethanol, methanol and water). Next, each element is distilled before the scent is added, which blends base notes of musk and tobacco with top notes of orange peel and fig leaf. Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and find out. $220

Guy Fox Grant Cologne

(Guy Fox)

Looking for a made-in-America scent that calls to mind the great outdoors? Look no further than the slightly sweet, woodsy Grant Cologne from scent and candle brand Guy Fox, featuring base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. It doesn’t hurt that it’s priced at under $60, either. $59.50

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue


Famed for its remarkably precise writing instruments and durable, elegant, adventure-minded watches, Montblanc has carefully crafted the perfect scent to tie in that spirit of global explorer. It’s an everyday scent that’s easily wearable at evening engagements aplenty this season. $80

Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club

(Ralph Lauren)

With a name like that, you might think this scent is ultra-exclusive. But you too can smell refined, elegant and handsome with the latest scent from the famed American designer. It’s a great finishing touch to a dressy Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt and a crisp blazer for seasonal tailored dressing occasions. $110