This Shoe Company Wants You To Look Good, Not Go Broke

By embracing a radical business model, Beckett Simonon can hook you up with incredible shoes, on the cheap.

Dress shoes can be tricky to purchase, especially for a young man on the make. It’s said that half a job interview is looking the part – so your shoes have to be on point. Still, that can mean a lot of cash to lay down in the hope that this job interview will go well, and no one wants to be left holding a massive credit card bill if it doesn’t. That’s where Beckett Simonon, a new shoe company that’s trying to help men take their shoes seriously, finds its niche.

“We were fed up with the high mark-ups that other shoes on the market were being sold for,” Andrés Niño tells Maxim. “We launched Beckett Simonon keeping quality and comfort in mind, but also with the intention of keeping prices down without sacrificing those two things.”

How Beckett Simonon keeps those prices down is with their direct-to-customer model. Instead of shipping shoes to retailers and hoping they fly off the shelves, Beckett Simonon pre-sells their shoes online, with the shoes arriving at your door less than two months later. This keeps the workmanship high and prices low.

“A lot of times when you sell through a retailer, you can’t find a specific product on their website, when you shop with us, you have a very specific experience, where you can pick exactly the style you want from the brand you’re interested in,” Niño says.

Right now, you can order two pairs of quality leather dress shoes for just $235. We recommend the Carson Wingtips, which are classic but still look hip – perfect for the spring. And for the business meeting coming up, we would go with the black Caine Oxfords – sturdy and durable, this pair seems ready to not only open doors, but help you walk right through them.

“We want to help people who are going from being a student to working in an office without sacrificing any of the style,” Niño said. “We think we’re really the best option for your first pair of business shoes – and we know you’ll be convinced to buy your next one with us as well.”

Plus, the company was name after playwright Samuel Beckett and Clash bassist Paul Simonon — what’s not to love?