Shortcut is the On-Demand Barber Service You Never Knew You Wanted

You don’t have to go get a haircut anymore. You can just get a haircut.

You’ve finally got a date tonight with that hottie from downstairs. Well done. Unfortunately, you realize at lunch that your sexy George Clooney stubble is looking a little more like George, the guy who hangs out in front of your office drinking 40s all day. And you hair is looking like Clooney circa “From Dusk Till Dawn.” No disrespect to the Georges, but you need some professional help.

Rather than try and score a last-minute appointment with your barber across town then buy a shitty razor at CVS, why not have a professional come to you? That’s the idea behind Shortcut, an app that delivers an on-demand barber to your apartment, office, or hotel whenever you need one.

Appointments can be made for just you, or for groups up to four. The more guys you get in on the action, the cheaper each cut or shave will be. A single haircut, for instance, will run you $75. Get a buddy in on the deal and you both get cuts for $65. Three dudes are $60 a piece, and four are $50 a pop. You can add a beard trim to any of those deals for $15.

Barbers are all handpicked and vetted by the Shortcut, and carry their license and credentials with them on the road so you know they’re legit. Bookings can happen anytime between 8am and midnight.

The downside? Currently barbers are only available in NYC, so you’ve got to be in the Big Apple to take advantage. The app is also just for iPhone, which makes sense. Guys who care about appearances consistently care about appearances.

Photos by Sunny Miller / Corbis