A Skateboard For Adults

Salt Surf’s solid board trades faux graffiti for lacquered walnut.

Love the stability of four wheels but find roller-skates too aggressively retro? Love the idea of boarding to work but think long-boards are for career surfers and skateboards are for punks? Then what do you think about an artfully-crafted skateboard made of high-quality walnut finished in low-gloss lacquer with the tapered shape of a long-board? And what if that sweet piece of craftsmanship was adorned in the organic tones of a Malibu bungalow—black, brown, and yellow—not searing neons and obscene graffiti? If so, it turns out New York-based surfboarding company Salt makes a board designed from the blueprints of your dreams. [$220; store.saltsurf.com]

Photos by Salt Surf NYC