Smell Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is more than just a tycoon of business and TV. He also smells good.

Donald Trump is more than just a tycoon of business and TV. He also smells good.

Photo Courtesy:  NBC | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

After conquering the worlds of real estate, business, reality TV and unorthodox hairstyles, Donald Trump has set his sights on the world of fragrances. The Donald sat down with us to talk about his new cologne, Success, and what it smells like to be famous.

What is the Smell of Success?

Donald Trump: It’s got a really great smell. I tested many scents and this was something that had a really nice scent. It was sweet, it was nice. It’s got ginger and bamboo and certain things in it. I based the choice on something I liked after testing lots of them.

The Lab Came to Him

They brought the lab to the office. It was easier. I was very much involved with the scent. I said “What do people like?” and they gave me lots of choices and I went from there.

It Does and Doesn’t Smell LIke Your Dad

I think it covers the whole gambit of age groups. It’s inspirational, you can say. We aren’t looking for one specific group.

Will it Work on the Ladies?

I think so. If it doesn’t, then I’m in trouble. A lot of guys are going to be angry at me.

What is the Sound of Success?

The sound of success is a very interesting question, I’ve never heard the sound of success. I think a well running, purring life – and the word “purring” would be important – a life that just purrs along would be the sound of success. And not just with money, I mean lots of other things that go into life.

The Taste of Success?

The taste of success would be anything that really gets you going. There are many things that are expensive and they are not necessarily something you like. I’m not a lover of alcohol, but many people are. To me, that wouldn’t be the taste of success. Just something that gets you going.

What would you call the fragrances from the following celebrities:



Jennifer Anniston


Antonio Banderas



Work. She’s really a hard worker.

Justin Bieber

Um, Innocent.

Paris Hilton

I know her very well. Paris Hilton, hmm, lets see. Trying.

Derek Jeter


Mitt Romney

Success. He could use the same name I use.

Barack Obama

That’s an interesting one. Political.

Tim Tebow