Levi’s Designed These Jeans To Only Be Worn With Sneakers

“Sneaker-cut” is the new “bootcut.”

(Photo: Levi's)

(Photo: Levi’s)

You’ve heard of “bootcut jeans,” but Levi’s just rolled out the sneaker-cut.

The denim giant this month debuted a new style, Hi-Ball Roll Jeans, that are designed to flex your sneaker game.

(Photo: Levi’s)

Its ripped and faded look is inspired by 1970s streetwear culture, which better compliments sneakers than, say, your workaday 501 fit jeans.

A pair comes cropped at the legs and arrive with a two-inch pre-rolled cuff, a design Levi’s describes in a blog post as “the perfect canvas for showing off your favorite shoes.”

(Photo: Levi’s)

Levi’s was wise to unveil these now, as the global sneaker market, now valued at $19.6 billion, continues to boom.

With the denim market at $92.9 billion, Levi’s has got a hold on two hot commodities.

(Photo: Levi’s)

Shop the new Hi-Ball Roll Jeans now for $89.50. Just make sure your sneaker game is on point.