The Spacelife Jacket Will Be Launching Shortly


Just because NASA put the brakes on the Space Shuttle program doesn’t mean space suits have gone out of style. Spacelife’s new winter jacket, the first release from the upstart Dutch brand, is a pure-white, tech-riddled winter coat that takes it’s style cues from Buzz Aldrin’s kit and will definitely protect you from wind and cold – if not the vacuum of space. Its features range from the highly functional to the totally decorative. On the utilitarian end, the jacket is make from an exclusive trilobal fabric that reflects light, repels water, and has a high-tech sheen, while the hood is coated in a shellac-suspension of thousands of glass beads, which makes it highly reflective. For communications with Houston, the hood boasts built-in speakers and a microphone. On the decorative end is an inoperable aluminum port and a bevy of shiny patches (“Mars Line: Interplanetary Travel”). Though today’s orders won’t arrive until next September (space travel is complicated, so is technical manufacturing), the jacket still represents a successful launch for a company trying to make a splash – or a splashdown. [$1877;]

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