Spike Lee Just Released the Most Self-Aggrandizing Shoe of the Year

This is basically masturbation by way of shoe design.

Sneakers are big business. They represent more than $34 billion in sales in the U.S. market alone, and everyone in the fashion industry, brands to fans alike, is pretty much clamoring for a piece of the pie. One of those fans with a recent release: Spike Lee.

Spike Lee is a Jordan super fan. The film producer and director is such a fan that the brand tapped him as a part of a larger group of celebrities to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This makes sense, since Lee was behind the “Spike and Mike” sneaker campaign from the late 80s.

Now, the brand is showing the ultimate sign of thanks by letting the sneakerhead design his own signature shoe. And what does do? He splooges all over a pair of Air Jordan Vs and calls it sneaker design.

Dubbed the Air Jordan Spike 40, the kicks are pretty gaudy at first glance. Their Knicks-inspired blue and orange color easily accomplishes that on its own. But that doesn’t even begin to address the hubris that oozes from the design.

Front and center on the sneakers is a lace lock of Lee’s face. Yep, his face, staring up at you every time you check to make sure you haven’t scuffed the translucent blue outsole. It’s sort of like a one man Mount Rushmore, except the guys featured in that work didn’t fellate themselves by commissioning it in their own honor.

Of course that’s not all: Lee’s DNA drips into even the sole of the $180 shoe design, where you’ll find SPIKE FORTY written in block letters, ostensibly to leave their own crusty marks in your wake.

But maybe, you know, you’re into that. If so, pick up a pair from Renarts Footwear or different colorways from Jordan