This Spill-Repellant Dress Shirt Is Exactly What You Need for the Holidays

Don’t let red wine spills be your kryptonite. 

The dawning of December means a party schedule that can last a month long. Between the punch bowl at your boss’s company get together and a nice cold one before you have to head out for New Year’s Eve, it’s arguably one of the booziest times of the year.  And with alcohol comes the inevitable party foul every once in a while. 

While a lot of spilled drinks can be mopped up with a dutiful rag, red wine (or anything else really) on the new white oxford you bought specifically to get you through this year’s bout of parties, can definitely sully the party. Thankfully companies like Vardama are here to quell your fears.

Using proprietary technology they call Equa-Tek, the firm uses 100% cotton, silk, and merino wool to suit you up in ever-pristine fabrications.  According to them, they are the first company to weave this sort of technology into natural fibers, and while we can’t confirm nor deny that, to say we’re stoked would be an understatement.

For $105-$175, the shirts definitely aren’t a bad deal.  And yes, as soon as you get one, throw some shit on it and test that sucker out; you know you want to.