Kiss Doing Laundry Goodbye With These Stain-Repellent, Stink-Resistant Jeans

For the bum in all of us.

To say we’re looking for the most convenient ways to get through the rat race of life is an understatement.  This past holiday season we were pretty freaking stoked to find a spill-repellant button down that would keep us in the clear regardless of wine spilling woes. And before that we were all about the koozie turned indestructible, shining beacon of beverage consumption. Today, it’s all about jeans.

Denim enthusiasts bicker a lot. Some say you’re not supposed to wash raw denim anywhere from six months to a year to “preserve the denim’s integrity” and “build character” while other say wash your shit. According to Kickstarter, these jeans from ODO Denim negate that entire conversation.

While they aren’t selvedge, ODO claims to have created the world’s first denim jeans and t-shirts that “never stink or stain.” Yes, you read that correctly: No cleaning necessary. Sure they’ve got some fancy science talk — something about a surface with microscopic peaks to reduce adhesion of stains and silver laced fabric to repel smells — but we’re all about the application. No weekly laundry day? We’re in!

The project is so good that with a full 24 days to go its over its funding goal; 13 times over if you want to be specific. And with the future retail price of $195 per pair for the jeans, you might want to cop the deal for $109 right now