Store Wars: A Visual Tour of the Galaxy’s Most Ridiculous Star Wars Swag

The purchasing power is strong with this one. 

When Star Wars premiered on May 25, 1977, few people realized that the pathbreaking space opera would spawn not just a beloved science fiction franchise but an entire universe of products and merchandise.

The imminent release of The Force Awakens has already generated $1 billion in sales in a single day, with an additional $5 billion expected in the “first year of release.” As Mel Brooks noted in his parody film Spaceballs,merchandising “is where the real money from the movie is made.”

With that in mind, we bring you visual tour of some of the strangest and most awesome Star Wars merchandise available.,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=4646134349001