Geek Out With This ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper-Inspired Watch

May the watch be with you.


The ongoing obsession over any and all things Star Wars grows seemingly by the week, seemingly every time you turn on your TV or open Twitter, in fact. But even the most diehard aficionados of the series likely haven’t seen anything quite like the URWERK EMC Time Hunter Stormtrooper Watch, an insanely cool (and expensive) watch that would look right at home when worn by nefarious Stormtroopers.


Just how expensive is this wearable work of extraordinary design? Try well above a hundred grand ($129,000, to be precise), but that price tag is a testament to the fact that this watch would fit in quite nicely within the ever-expanding movie universe. A white ceramic top and titanium caseback both pop against a black canvas strap, and the futuristic design is something that only two sci-fi fans (URWERK’s co-founders) could dream up.


Did we mention this timepiece is limited to an exceptionally limited offering of just five? Yes, just five. A handful of Star Wars fans are going to be very, very lucky this year.

The dial design itself defies convention, seeing as it’s neither square nor circular: It’s as unique as the original design for a Stormtrooper uniform, in fact.

Unique touches like a seconds hand disk positioned at the 1 o’clock marker make for an eye-catching dial, and a power indicator at the 7 o’clock marking displays how much time you’ve got left in the 8-hour hand wound movement’s reserve.

Whether you find yourself in the watch enthusiast camp or are a devout Star Wars fan (or if you fall squarely in the middle), this watch is a dream timepiece that’ll make you feel like a kid again (or even… a Stormtrooper?).