Still Life With Swag

Clothes may make the man, but the right accessories make the point.

You walk into your apartment. Maybe there is someone with you, maybe there isn’t. You go through your pockets, pull off your watch and pour yourself a drink. The table by the door is now covered in the detritus of your life. Is that going to be the balled up remains of a pack of Starburst, an overburdened wallet, and a digital watch? Hopefully not. You’re stuff doesn’t define you, but it’s indicative of the things that do. Here’s what you want to be tossing on the table at the end of the day….

– A Rolex Day-Date II in Gold [$37,850;]

– Blue fossilized woolly-mammoth-tooth money clip [$12,620;]

– Altiplano cuff links in 18kt rose gold [$4,700;]

– Ligne 2 Meteorite lighter [$1,780;]

– Cole aviators in rose gold [$380;]

– Frontier ring with tigereye [$795;]

– Serving tray [Price upon request;]

Sure, it’s a lot and it costs a lot. But you have to strive for something.

Photos by David Prince