Dudes Are Tiny Playthings Amongst Giant Models In New Suitsupply Ad

And we’re totally ok with that.

Ad campaigns can be boring. No, let’s be honest: images can be pretty freaking dull when they are advertising clothes for dudes. That’s why you don’t see us writing much about them. But when the latest Suitsupply ads came across our feeds, they deserved sharing. 

Fresh off a showing at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the tailoring brand tapped photographer Carli Hermes to shoot a few saucy shots of their Spring 2016 designs. Dubbed “Toy Boys,” the inventive campaign features a male model, literally dwarfed by the bountiful beauty of his female counterparts in Capetown, South Africa. Sure, that two button white suit is nice, as is the three piece navy pinstripe, but the focus is rightly on those glorious lady curves. Click the slideshow to see them all. 

“Sometimes it seems like it’s a woman’s world these days, and we just live in it,” begins a press release for the ads, explaining why the female models appear like titans. “So what’s a guy to do? You’re a modern gentleman, but the tables have turned. You have a certain way with the ladies…that is, until they have their way with you. You’re a playboy, but what happens when the playboy becomes the plaything?

“Well, the water’s warm, the women are beautiful, and the sky is drenched by the sun. And most importantly of all, you’ve got your best suit of armor on your back. Suddenly, it’s obvious. There’s nothing else to do. Simply sit back, and enjoy the ride.”

Sounds like a good plan to us.