These Are The Right Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

No matter what your mug looks like, we’ve got you covered.


(Paramount Pictures)

In the whole, wide world of men’s clothing and accessories, there are few things that look more kick-ass than a pair of baller sunglasses. That’s why all dudes should own at least one quality pair of shades. 

When you’re buying sunglasses, you shouldn’t just grab any pair that you think looks good on the shelf and slap it on your face. They also need to flatter your features. 

Aren’t sure how to know if those shades you’ve been eyeing suit you? Don’t worry, my friend. That’s why I’m here. 

To lend a helping hand, I put together a simple guide on how to identify your face shape. Then I listed some frame types and examples of awesome sunglasses to make your life a little easier. 

You’re welcome. 

Yes, some of these shades are on the pricey side, but there are always cheaper versions out there if you’re not trying to drop serious bank. 



Jawline so sharp you can cut glass? Well done, my masculine dude. Your angular features look best when they’re balanced out with rounder, teardrop-shaped sunglasses, as you can see on Brad Pitt in the picture above.

Try these original Ray-Ban Aviators:

Get it here for $153.

These round Persol glasses:

Get it here for $400.

Or these Vuarnet ‘Edge Panthos’ Sunglasses:

Get it here for $320.



Round faces have narrow foreheads, round cheeks, and an equally round jaw, so you need to offset that roundness with some squareness and sharp angles.

Try these Vuarnet pilot glasses:

Get it here for $265.

These square Oliver Peoples frames:

Get it here for $425.

Or these square Fendi shades:

Get it here for $325.



Heart-shaped, a.k.a. triangle faces have a narrow forehead and a strong, wide jaw, and since sunglasses are supposed to be a complement your face, go for a frame that has a noticeable brow and a a thinner, leaner base.

Like these Randolph Engineering aviators:

Get it here for $199.

These cool Gucci shades that flip open:

Get it here for $540.

Or these Tom Ford lenses:

Get it here for $415.



If you have a narrow forehead, wider cheeks, and a sharp, narrow jaw, you have a diamond face, just like Johnny Depp. 

For this face shape, a strong brow line on your glasses is a wise choice, because it’ll stand out against your high cheekbones, and enhance your features. 

Try these Persol shades:

Get it here for $156.

These classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers:

Get it here for $143. 

Or these Ray-Ban Havana aviators:

Get it here for $168.


Is your face longer than it is wide? Lucky you! You have a face shape that works with all sunglasses.


Here are some pro suggestions for you:

Classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters:

Get it here for $153.

These vintage-style MCM’s:

Get it here for $326.

Or these crystal Polaroid sunnies:

Get it here for $65.

Just be careful about picking something that fits your face — something that’s too small or too big is going to look stupid. Just FYI.