This Surfer Chic Clothing Line Recycles Dead Stock U.S. Military Gear

Stay cool with summer duds made from iconic field jackets, flight jackets, and more.

Trail One_Shop Page Image_4.jpg

Here’s a novel idea in an industry that seems to have run out of them: Freenote’s new Trail One collection of menswear uses dead stock U.S. military fabric to create timeless classics for modern-day dudes.


The collection is named after the famous Southern California surf spot situated south of San Onofre State Beach and adjacent to United States Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, an iconic place in military lore.

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The collection, inspired by the location, is classic West Coast but could work well for any man who’s a fan of clean, simple style. The fabric for items including sweatshirts and slim chinos was sourced from fabric dating back to the 1970’s that breaks down and softens up through each wear like a vintage pair of fatigues. 


The classic army green cloth was originally used to make the iconic M-65 field jacket, while the Trail One board short is made of dead stock US Air Force flight jacket nylon. 


Beyond monochromatic basics the collection features an indigo printed floral shirt with a short sleeve weave paying homage to surfing communities from the ’50s and ’60s.

Which is the next best thing to actually having been there….