Sweatpants for Active Men (Seriously)

You’re going to want to hop into these stirrups.

Say the word “stirrups” to a lady and she will recoil at the memory of cold steel. Murmur “stirrups” into the ear of a beast of burden and it will groan and shake its shaggy head. But to a runner? To a runner, stirrups are godsends.

The pair on Tracksmith’s Bislett Pants shows why: they keep these luxuriously-lined running pants low and tight around the ankle to keep cold out. They’re thoughtfully designed and high-quality, just like the rest of this stylish piece of work-out clothing. An inverse seer-sucker lining blends in perfectly with the pants preppy, primary-color look, and sturdy, sewn-down, just-big-enough-for-keys-and-cards pockets are a boon to any runner who has had to choose between leaving their door unlocked or feeling their keys slap painfully against their thighs for five miles. The colors are rich, and a small white label is a refreshing choice—most athletic equipment arrives having been thoroughly pelted by logos. For the runner who’s looking to tread swiftly under the radar, these track pants are first by a country mile. [$138; tracksmith.com]

Photos by Tracksmith