This Swedish Fox Will Eat Your Canada Goose

There’s a winner in the ring, and that ring is the Arctic Circle.

When temperatures drop, the hem of your coat should, too. As most of the northern states flirt with sub-zero temperatures, we’re looking squarely at Fjallraven’sArktis Parka, a serious piece of cold-weather kit with serious coverage from your cranium to mid-thigh. At 4.5 pounds, this is a heavy coat in all the best ways: rip-stop reinforced patches super-durable and the heavy fill is 80 percent down and 20 percent feather for superlative insulation. Moreover, Fjallraven’s famous G-1000 fabric is a poly-cotton blend that looks far dressier than its incredible wind-stopping stats would suggest. All that, plus a snow-stopping draw cord and adjustable cuffs, mean the Arktis Parka offers the quiet, encapsulating warmth of a yurt but with heaps more style. The fur is faux, but the warmth is real. [$850;]