Swiss Watchmaker RJ Launches $98,000 Spider-Man Watch

The ultra-luxe timepiece “celebrates Spider-Man by integrating his visual cues from his universe.”

Spider-Man Tourbillon

RJ, the inspired Swiss watchmaker behind this extravagant Joker timepiece, dropped its limited-edition Arraw Spider-Man collection in October. Technically original and designed with the approval of both Disney and Marvel, this line includes the Spider-Man Tourbillon and a new skeletonized mechanical watch

Both embody Marvel style down to the last cog. Spider-Man showed up at the ceremony—with Marvel’s permission—so he’s obviously down with this horological dedication to his legacy.

L: Mechanical RJ-3005 R: The Spider-Man Tourbillon

At the opening, CEO and Creative Director of RJ Marco Tedeschi said, that they were “proud to launch two innovative in-house movements inspired by Spider-Man” and that these “new calibers affirm RJ’s mission to create innovative Haute Horlogerie watches that challenge traditional notions of what high-end watchmaking is.”

The Spider-Man Tourbillon has been created with RJ Studio’s RJ-7000 movement,—the first complication created entirely in-house rather than by a Swiss subcontractor.

Tourbillons are among the most tricky complications and the Spider-Man Tourbillon is a mini-masterpiece of coaxial construction, displaying hours and minutes on the periphery. It also has an astonishing 150 hours of power reserve—nearly one week.

Spider-Man Tourbillon

RJ’s eye for symmetry is revealed in the striking choice to eliminate the crown from the Spider-Man Tourbillon. The wearer winds the mainspring with a hoop on the case back that turns like a key. RJ said in a release that this is a “faster winding method than a traditional crown provides.”

The time is set via a hidden pusher at the 6 o’clock position beneath the strap. The case back is engraved and features four sapphires that permit clarity when viewing the movement. Made in a 45 mm case, it comes in two colorways: red composite fiberglass and black carbon. The kicker? Only ten pieces are available.

RJ-3005 Mechanical

The RJ-3005 “celebrates Spider-Man by integrating his visual cues from his universe,” according to the designers, and it sports a spider web-shaped skeleton movement, a red spider for the small second, and it comes in a tough black carbon case. Its fabric polyamide strap bears that distinctive Marvel Spider icon, just like the superhero’s iconic suit.

Spider-Man Tourbillon (top) and Mechanical RJ-3005

Only 100 pieces of the RJ-3005 are available, making it only slightly less limited an edition than the Spider-Man Tourbillon.

The Spider-Man Tourbillon is listed for a decidedly steep $97,700 on, and the RJ-3005, a.k.a. the Arraw Spider-Man Carbon, goes for $20,000