This $1 Million Superwatch Designed by Sylvester Stallone Will Survive Anything

It’s like Rambo and Rolex had a baby…

(Photos: Getty Images & Richard Mille)

To honor… well… himself, Sylvester Stallone teamed with luxury Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille to produce an ultra-rugged, ultra high-end timepiece fit for Rambo himself.

Limited to just 20 pieces and selling for nearly $1 million each, the new RM 25-01 Adventure Sylvester Stallone chronograph is as big and bad as its namesake, clocking in with an impressive 55 meter diameter.

Made of grade A titanium, it is also nearly indestructible and built to endure the toughest of environments.

Like the middle of the ocean. One badass feature is a hermetic compartment that hides up to five water purification capsules, each of which will render any liter of any water safe to drink in as little as 30 minutes.

Or if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere like John Rambo on a bad day. There is a compass bezel for more precise navigation of maps and a spirit level to ensure absolute accuracy.

Don’t forget it’s an actual ticking timepiece as well with a manual winding tourbillon movement with 24-hour display, minutes and a chronograph function, power reserve, torque and function indicators.

Shop yours at Richard Mille boutiques now for an absurdly steep $983,000, if you’ve got the cash to burn. Check out more on Stallone’s legendary watch collection here: