Live Off the Grid On Water In This Floating Cabin

Houseboat goals.
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An autonomous houseboat might sound like an ambitious architectural project, but Brazilian prefab home manufacturer SysHaus has brilliantly made the concept work.

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Measuring 40 feet long and 10 feet wide, the Lillhaus floating house provides an ample 1,248 square-feet of living space across a modest living room and master bedroom, full-size bathroom and a large wrap-around wooden deck. But the modernly-styled construction's biggest selling point is its ability to function off the grid. 

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Australian lifestyle magazine Boss Hunting reports that the Lillihaus is equipped with solar panels that can generate and store energy for a battery-powered electrical system. It's also equipped with technology that can either treat freshwater for consumption or extract water from the air, while a separate biological treatment uses a three-phase biodigester to safely process black water from toilets and grey water from the sinks and shower. 

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Openings in the floor and ceiling provide a naturally flowing air circulation that passes vertically through the interior. This ventilation system, along with the lighting, sound, curtains, appliances and a pictured outdoor projector can be controlled and monitored remotely.

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The Lillihaus can be assembled on its floating catamaran and towed or sailed virtually on virtually any body of water, but the design also functions on land. Visit SysHaus' website to learn more. 

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