Channel Your Inner John Wick With These Military-Spec Tactical Suits

They have built-in gun holsters and cut-resistant sleeves.


You’ve probably wondered how action stars like John Wick can jump off burning buildings and still keep their suits looking spick and span.

It’s not impossible. Grayman and Company is a tactical tailoring house that crafts suits for intelligence and special operations forces, and their suits could mean life or death when up against a gang of Russian baddies.

(Photo: Grayman and Company)

Here are some killer features they offer: a holster liner for packing heat, a quickdraw button on the front so its easier to draw your gun, an elasticated back so you can crouch into an isosceles shooting stance, cut-resistant sleeves to protect you in a knife fight and RFID shield pockets to block out wireless electronic signals.

(Photo: Grayman and Company)

Made in luxurious Loro Piana wool and silk, their suits are virtually indistinguishable from your ordinary bespoke lounge coat… until you’ve got to make a sudden getaway.

(Photo: Grayman and Company)

Buy yours now on Grayman and Company. Prices begin at $1,300. 

h/t HiConsumption