Tag Heuer Just Dropped a Killer Racing Watch Inspired by Vintage Formula 1 Style

Start your engines.


(Photo: TAG Heuer)

TAG Heuer may have been founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, but it was his great-grandson Jack Heuer who steered the Swiss watch brand into the modern age with his motorsport-inspired timepieces.

To commemorate Jack’s 85th birthday, TAG is bringing back his biggest hit—the Autavia chronograph wristwatch—as a limited-edition release. The revamp is called the “Autavia Jack Heuer Special Edition.”

(Photo: TAG Heuer)

It’s the same watch that collectors pin after from 1962, but the dial is a touch larger—42mm rather than 39—to keep pace with modern tastes. It also sports a Heuer-02 automatic chronograph caliber with 80 hours of power reserve so it’ll work better too.

That recognizable dial was first created in 1993 by Jack’s father and uncle as a dashboard watch, for Formula 1 cars and even planes. But it was Jack’s stroke of genius in 1962 to shrink it down to wristwatch size and wrap it in a stainless steel case, sparking a frenzy for racey wristwatches.

(Photo: TAG Heuer)

TAG Heuer’s status as the watchmaker of car racers has been sealed ever since.

Only 1932 Special Edition Autavia Jack Heuers have been made, and each will retail for a decidedly upscale $5,900. 

(Photo: TAG Heuer)

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