These Luxury Air Hockey Tables Will Take Your Game To The Next Level


Credit: 11 Ravens

11 Ravens is a Southern California-based design firm that has taken its expertise in crafting high-end furniture into the rarefied world of luxury table games.

Having already conquered fancy ping pong and pool tables, 11 Ravens are entering the electrified arena of air hockey, with 13 striking new designs.

Credit: 11 Ravens

The new line, which starts at $12,000 (for the entry-level “Malibu” model) and can run to more than $26,000 (for the Stealth Bomber-inspired “Stealth), boast the same sleek, modernist aesthetic as 11 Raven’s pool and ping pong tables. 

Credit: 11 Ravens

Materials for the air hockey tables vary, but the rink itself–where the action will take place–is made of a high-density laminate that 11 Ravens can customize at your whims. Laquer, veneer and other options are available. Each table features a commercial air blower to create a consistent cushion of air to keep the puck moving lightning fast.

Credit: 11 Ravens

Of course, all of 11 Ravens’ tables notably come with an electronic scorekeeper built in, ready to keep an automatic tally of the merciless beatings you’ll surely dish out after one of these becomes your home court air hockey table. (Buy here

Below, check out some of the brand’s other remarkably cool-looking table games: