The Best Summer Colognes For A Fresh Signature Scent

New season, new scent.

(Ranger Station/St. Johns Bay/Duke Cannon)

How to best capture a new season in a bottle? Summer’s own scents are as varied as can be, from the fresh breeze of the sea air to the rich woods of a seasonal cabin getaway, right back to the refreshing sweetness of a rooftop Spritz cocktail. The path has many twists and turns, and plentiful options: Some more elegant, some more bold, some lighter and some heavier.

There’s an entire sensory world to uncover as far as the best summer fragrances are concerned, one that leans heavily on floral notes but also brings in touches of citrus, smoke, wood and sand. Discover a new scent to make all your own in the months ahead.

Ranger Station Santalum Perfume

(Ranger Station)

Notes of iris and amber resin add pleasing depth and character to this fragrance, which carries a lofty, floral touch of sweet spice. It’s refined and elegant, yet useful when adding some flair to more casual summer looks. $94

Duke Cannon Proper Cologne in ‘Midway’

(Duke Cannon)

The best summer colognes needn’t break the bank, and Duke Cannon’s scent expertise extends from solid fragrance to the citrus and sandalwood tones of Midway. It’s like the edge of the forest meeting the beach, all for an agreeable price. $25

Aesop Eau de Parfum in ‘Eremia’


Floral scent notes are a summer staple, and an earthy and musky base helps ground this classic, refined fragrance. The company even notes the scent is meant to evoke wet concrete after rain (we’ll let you be the judge of that). $200

Malin+Goetz Bergamot


The breezy scent of “an orchard in bloom” is what Malin+Goetz sought to capture with its bergamot fragrance, complete with floral orange undertones. The result is an elevated cologne meant for occasions important and more routine, yet it might pair best with a khaki cotton suit and an Aperol Spritz under a setting sun. $98

Montblanc Legend Blue


The latest scent from the legendary atelier refreshes things, quite literally, with a stylish transparent bottle, plus a fragrance that leans on both refreshing spearmint and woodsy aromatics for a strong, bold contrast. It’s the equivalent of enjoying your favorite rye whiskey, even in the summer: Sometimes, it just works. $97.75

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean


What are the summer months if not the best time to embrace a coastal fragrance (and a luxurious seasonal getaway)? Prada captures this sentiment accurately with notes of grapefruit, vanilla bean and even incense, not unlike a bonfire interacting with refreshing sea air. Starting at $110

DIPTYQUE L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Eau de Toilette


Green notes inspired by fresh English gardens guide this light cologne like a summer breeze, leading to a floral scent that hits all the right levels, whether worn in a manner more polished or more easygoing. $114

St. Johns Bay Vetiver Cologne

(St. Johns Bay)

Caribbean sweet grasses served as the inspiration for this rich yet versatile, masculine scent, which just so happens to be delivered in an island-inspired wrapped bottle. Lime and grapefruit top notes meet base notes of vetiver and amber for a distinctly memorable summer fragrance. $60