The Rock Gives Great Advice On Getting Back to Training as Gyms Reopen

“Have a plan. Make a decision. Have real clarity. Be decisive, then make your move.”

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When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drops advice about anything gym-related, it’s time to listen. And The Rock has some wise things to say about the prospect of heading back inside a public gym as post-pandemic reopenings begin around the world.

The man who coined the term “Iron Paradise” to express his love of “banging and clanging” the weights around dropped this knowledge regarding how to approach gyms in a very different world during one of his regular Instagram Q & A sessions.

“I know you guys have been pent up for months,” said Johnson, “you’ve been dying to train, you haven’t been able to get into your local gyms, you’re ready to get back and train like beasts, trust me I know, I understand.” 

He continued in full coach mode: “Have a plan. Make a decision. Have real clarity. Be decisive, then make your move. Get out there and go.”

“That first step begins with that first rep,” Johnson said, “and in order to complete that first rep, you’ve got to get out there. Be decisive, get to the gym, and start training.”

Of course, The Rock didn’t get where he is by being dumb or taking foolish risks. “The other critical part of this advice is, you want to be smart,” he said. 

Image: The Rock/YouTube

“You know your gym. If your gym was a shithole before the pandemic, you’re going to want to go back cautiously, talk to the owner, make sure they’re taking the proper steps and the proper guidelines from CDC.”

Johnson said he’d “talked to a few gym owners across the country” and they’re not just “following the CDC guidelines but they’re going above and beyond.” 

“And I hope that’s what gym owners are doing around the world,” Johnson said.

Regarding lazy or careless owners who might not take anti-coronavirus measures seriously, Johnson advised viewers to trust their instincts. Most gym rats will sense it when they’re using a facility that should be better taken care of. 

Image: The Rock/YouTube

Johnson also indicated in an earlier session that people who are having trouble working up the motivation to even bother at all could try his method.

To bounce back, according to The Rock, he tries to “remember that all progress, little or big, starts with me. So it starts with you. It starts with us. That first step back, that first rep we have to take, the first step, that first rep, it all starts with us.”

That’s decent advice for life in general.